Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, November 6, 2008

last week chris and fran came down for a visit. we had a great time. on friday, tim and i took the day off of work and we took them to the gaylord texan. this was our first trip too, but we can't wait to go back during the holidays! (well, i can't...tim is kindof being forced to go)

we wanted to see santa, but he wasn't in yet. sad.

the sign said do not get inside the fence. but time thought he looked thirsty.

the saloon was closed...well it was only about 10am.


R & R Stacy said...

Fun, fun! We were there a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it! I want to go back and take the kids very soon.
Love the pics!

Mr. White said...

Forced are you kidding: the candy on the gingerbread house is real, that thing is going to meet its demise on my return.

Jessie Sue said...

The Gaylord is awesome during the holidays and very packed. You for sure need to go back and take lots of pictures!