Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sunday, May 11, 2008


last weekend my friend becca and i made the journey to canton, tx. each month (the first monday weekend) canton holds this huge, amazing trade/craft weekend. i really don't know how to explain it other than it is a craft/trade/swap meet/garage sale. you can find some wonderful deals. i was in desperate need for some wall decor. i found some really cute things, plus that were great deals! i don't have everything up yet. but, here are a few pictures of things i do have up. (thanks tim for helping me hang them)

this is the sweetest quote. i hung it behind my kitchen table. it looks a little lonely by itself. my vision is to put a variety of crosses around it. various shapes, sizes and colors. in my mind it looks amazing. stay tuned for updates.

this is our fire place. (still haven't used it) but the photos are from hawaii. i am still decided what to do with them. the vine is one of my finds at canton. it is a brownish/rust color. i love it. i am tempted to go back and get a couple more for different places in the house.

here are 3 metal tiles. they are so great. they can go anywhere. i put them next to our back door on a narrow wall. i love these.
i have yet to hang two wall sconces and the photo that my mom took. they will be going up in the entry way if i can find a stud. the picture is so heavy, i don't want it to fall and break.

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R & R Stacy said...

Very pretty. I love Canton!