Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Monday, January 28, 2008

working out

does anyone else have this struggle?

i love the idea of working out.
i love the results of working out.
i love the way you feel after a really great work out.

i just don't love getting myself to the gym.

today is a new day. so what if it is the end of january, i started again. i am proud of myself. before babies can even be discussed, some weight has to go. i have realized how much easier it is if you have a work out buddy. i need a buddy to work out with me. someone to held me accountable. maybe you, cyberspace, can be my accountability workout buddy.

i have been a card carrying member to good ol' snap fitness for 1 year. can't say i have been working out for a year, but i will be back at it. i am back at it. snap and i will become friends again.


justandmiss said...

i can't stand the words "working out"!

i too am a card carrying member of the good 'ol snap fitness, but for two years. those two years i probably only have a solid four to five months of attendance. i have used all the excuses, but it is time to commit again! it's a painful hour and a half of body torture, but the results are always worth it!

i am proud to say that i have gotten back into the routine again, thanks to help of danny duran. i have been consistent for one day (yesterday), but plan to be there again today for my second day. i heard it said once that it takes 40 days to create a habit. a habit can be good or bad! come on 40 days! it definitely helps to have a partner, number 1 to push you and number 2 to make sure you are consistent.

i don't know if i would rely on cyberspace to be your accountability partner!??? i know missy is trying to be consistent, you may want to team up with her!

Amanda said...

I know the feeling too!! I started working out 3 weeks ago. I am doing a work out video program called Slim in 6. It definitely helps to have the accountability because if I didn't have to get up and go to my friends house at 7am, I wouldn't get up. And on those few days that I have slept in, I just feel bad that I let her down. So, find you a tangible person :) and get busy. Make sure that you are doing the right routine to really get the best results. I am sad when I see people working so hard and get no results.

Anyway, as I tone, I will only get fatter in my belly :) But hopefully my arms and legs will be rock hard...